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At ProjectReports94 we help students for new HR projects topics and project reports are provided within 24 hours for BBA and MBA students of various universities and top management colleges if India. Projects and reports plays an important role in management courses as they provide practical knowledge about the subject and also needed to score some good marks in their final year examinations. The HR projects and case studies are provided to students to give them practical views about these HRM systems in the modern industry and IT sector. Our experts are specialized in this subject and help students to get their projects done so students can maintain good academic records.

HR Projects For MBA

  • Employee Retention and Satisfaction
  • Effectiveness of business ethics
  • CSR at Axis Bank
  • Job Satisfaction level of employees at britania industries
  • Grievance handling system
  • Stress management in BPO industry
  • HR implications in private banking
  • HR policies in Microtek invertors
  • Training and significance of job analysis
  • Labour welfare activities & safety measures in various industries
  • Human resource management system – Its roles and benefits
  • HR trends of IT industry
  • HRM career development report


List Of HR Projects

Career Planning Competency Mapping Employee Motivation
E Recruitment Employee Retention Employee Attrition
Employee Compensation Employee Discipline Employee Engagement
Employee Morale Employee Induction Program Conflict Management
Employee Referrals in Talent Sourcing Employee Absenteeism Employee Welfare
Employee Perception Employee Personality Employee Productivity
Employee Recognition Employee Relations Grievance Handling
Payroll Management HRMS Human Resource Development
Talent Management Job Analysis Job Clarity
Job Evaluation Leadership Styles Key Performance Areas
Knowledge Management Job Satisfaction Organisational Behavior
HR Policies & Practices Quality of Work Life Recruitment & Selection
Organisational Behavior Organizational Culture  Work Life Balance
Organizational Climate Organisational Study Organisational Development
Strategic HRM Stress Management Training & Development
Human Resource Planning Total Quality Management Performance Appraisal

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Some More Topics On HR

  • Training and development of executive in industry
  • Awareness of ESI benefits
  • Organizational culture of a company
  • Work life and balance
  • Case studies on employee motivation
  • Overview of reward systems
  • Case studies on leaders & managers

HRM And Its Objectives

HRM refers to human resource management systems which is a like a full process from recruiting, hiring, deploying and managing an employee in a organization. It is basically managing employee ( training, performance, roles etc ) according to organization so needs of both can be fulfilled in a trackable and efficient manner. It plays an important role in every industry and it has mainly four objectives –

  1. Social Objectives
  2. Personal Objectives
  3. Functional Objectives
  4. Organizational Objectives

Role of HRM Members

  • Serving organizational purpose
  • Employee strenthening
  • Recruiting best talent
  • Managing, measuring and reporting all things